Tower of Confusion

It is always an astounding thing, to put the whole world under the feet and reinvigorating our soul to get a staggering and unique experience in our life. This kind of experience can be got by visiting sky touching mountains and manmade towers. Nowadays the world is moving with advanced construction techniques, such that a number of skyscrapers are created all over the famous cities of the world. These kinds of towers are marvels of engineering and a symbol of achievement of the advancement of human’s culture and effort towards the evolution of knowledge in engineering, science, and technologies.

Spectacular CN tower

CN tower is one of the tallest towers in the world with a breathtaking height of 553.3 meters. It is situated in the downtown core of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it is one of the world’s famous tourist destinations, a recognizable and celebrated attraction in Canada. It is a signature icon for Toronto’s skyline. CN refers to Canadian National and it is a railway company which had built the tower. Later this tower was transferred to the Canada Lands Company, a federal crown corporation. It served as a center of telecommunication for various television networks and radio stations in Canada. Every year over 2 million people visit this tower to enjoy the views of beauties through astounding heights of the tower.


This tower was constructed mainly due to the practicality reasons of the country. Several buildings leaded network problems in the transmission towers around the country. At that time, data communication took place from point to point microwave links by several dish antennas in the top of the buildings. As new skyscrapers were constructed, it caused poor reception of television, telephones and FM radio signals for the residents. Thus to solve these telecommunication problems, CN tower was created and inducted into the country as an ambitious project for the people and also to show the wealth of the country by building taller than any other towers in the world. Construction involved around 1500 workers working for 24 hours a day, and after forty months of hard work, this staggering tower is created. On April 2, 1975, CN tower joined the group of world’ tallest freestanding structures, and it holds the incredible record for a long of 34 years. Later it was overtaken by Burj Khalifa and canton tower. It has also received several mentioning in various famous books including with the recent World’s highest wine cellar. In 1995, American society of civil engineers classified it as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. At present, it is the ninth tallest tower in the world, in the western hemisphere it remains as the tallest freestanding structures and belongs to the World Federation of great towers.

Toronto Observation Tower

CN tower is viewable for a naked eye at a distance of 60km to the east of Toronto in Oshawa and also at points of other places such as Niagara Escarpment, and to the west of Toronto in Hamilton, Ontario and to the south from Fort Niagara state park in New York. Besides serving as a tower for telecommunication, it has exclusive attractions such as art theatre, shopping, food and beverage restaurants, kid zone play area etc. It opens seasonally from April to November. It has world’s number one elevator ride, which takes only fifty-eight seconds to reach the top of the tower. The most exciting attraction of the tower is the EdgeWalk and it is the world’s highest outdoor walk on a building. Ten thousand square feet of unique Canadian Artisan Souvenir is there.

Many visual displays are fixed at several points in the walls of the building, and it shows an alluring history of the marvel of this tower constructions. Every year, CN tower hosts about five hundred programs such as various company product launches, ceremonies etc. for various people around the world. Architectural illumination of the tower starts at every night with spectacular lighting shows. This tower experienced several impeccable achievements, such as the world’s first flight simulator ride, North America’s first and world’s highest glass door paneled elevator, 360-The restaurant etc. For over three decades, it remains as the telecommunication link by providing wireless voice, data transmissions, and television broadcastings. For last 10 years, 360 restaurant remains as the award-winning restaurant by delivering high-quality cuisines, wine, ambiance and became a popular dining restaurant and event enhancing destination for Toronto people. It is always updating its security features by implementing new technologies and training for the workers.

The tower has three public observation points the skypod, the indoor observation level, and the outdoor observation terrace. Above the indoor observation level, there exist the top of Toronto restaurant. CN tower has been featured in various movies, television shows, video games and even selected for the official mascot. Guinness world record has mentioned this tower as the “World’s tallest self-supporting tower” and “World’s tallest free-standing tower”. It has astonishing light features, where at first the lightings were done by incandescent lights only, and later in 2007, all lightings were replaced with LED lights inside the elevator shafts, extending to the main pod, top of the tower.