SEO is more than just keywords According to several people, Search Engine Optimization is all about keywords, but it is not the truth. Sometimes, people go overboard with the keywords in web contents that would turn off the users. Placing the right keywords at appropriate places is a good idea, but it is not the only way for a site to achieve a higher ranking. Be more creative with your web contents! No one likes to read long and never ending passages that are boring and outdated! Be more creative with your contents and bring in some action and spice up the contents. Google has gone a lot stricter with its ranking policies and keywords are not enough to fetch your website a higher rank. Nowadays, people want more creative and thought provoking contents from websites, so, always stick with quality contents! Don’t waste a lot of time in finding trendy words People of this generation use many trendy words either to catch up with the trend or to pose a cooler and wannabe look. Several bloggers waste an enormous amount of time just by researching those words, but honestly speaking, clear and precise usage of words is more than enough! Make your content simple and easy to understand and also extraordinarily creative, it is as simple as that! You are in a big trouble if you do not make use of SEO If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then do not ignore SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Nowadays, even a toddler owns a website, and an official website could turn your small business into a successful one. To make your website to stand out from the crowd, bring in the usage of SEO. SEO helps to provide your website with a better ranking in search engines. The usage of right keywords and phrases in your web content can fetch a crazy traffic to your website. SEO can provide the much required internet marketing to your startup through an official website. There are many companies that offer SEO websites to entrepreneurs as paid services and you would be receiving free advertising once your site is ranked higher on search engines. Social media sites can also provide traffic and users to your website through familiar keywords and phrases. Keep an eye on latest trends of keywords and Equava choose the best ones that are appropriate for your website. Conduct a research before planning up for an official website and do not force the keywords into unnecessary places of your content. Always produce quality contents to your website that would make the viewers to revisit your site. It would also fetch a better ranking to your site in search engines, after all, no one would turn up to a website that appears on the 10th page! Never say no to SEO for internet marketing, it could be a life savior! Do not be afraid to go easy on key phrases! Key phrases can also bring a huge difference to your web contents and provide a better ranking to websites in search engines. Key phrase is just a two or more keywords put together, for example, “LA grocery store” could show a result page of websites that have Haitna used the same key phrase. So be lenient with keywords and key phrases, but do NOT go overboard with them as they may end up with a negative note!